Commercial Tenant Invoice Process & Bond Payments

Proposed Changes to the Commercial Tenant Invoice Process

We are looking to overhaul this area, below is a list of changes that we want to make.
If you use this process and have any other suggestions, or want to comment on the below, could you please email Mandy?

  • The Invoice run should be able to be run on a set date, regardless of their paid to date. i.e run on the 1st of each month - and send an invoice even if in arrears or credit as they are still due to pay rent each month.
  • Rent Arrears or the credit will then show on the Invoice if needed.
  • Must show the Paid to and From information on the invoice.
  • GST number to show on Invoice.
  • Bank Account number of where to pay to show on Invoice.
  • Must be a GST invoice and show the GST breakdown of the Rent.
  • The Invoice must be able to be emailed and save a copy in the tenant diary.
  • There must be an Email Template to accompany the Invoice that is editable.

A separate process for a Tenant Invoice for Opex is to be worked on.

Bond Payments in Bulk Online

After Covid lockdown, the NZ Government saw the urgency in allowing more payments to be made online through direct credit. We were delighted as we have been working with the Bond Centre for years to allow Palace to integrate. BUT it still does not allow for direct credit CSV files to be uploaded. The issues are:

  1. The direct Credit is only to come from a Personal Bank Account, not a Business Account.
  2. They still will not allow more than 10 bonds to be paid at once.
  3. Each form must be upload separate and before the payment.

We are trying for another meeting with them to see if we can work around this by paying directly into an online portal.

So watch this space - We have not dropped it.

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