Dashboard Missed Rent Alert

Ever wish that you could get in front of rent arrears, and contact tenants as they missed a rent payment before they move into rent arrears?

Now you can

On the top right-hand side of the screen, you will see a red bell, with a number beside it. 

Click on the bell and it will give a list of tenants, who were supposed to have paid their rent but it has not been received

How does it work

Under the tenant Edit screen is a Payment Details button


The expected date field is where this information is picked up from. So if a tenant normally pays on a Tuesday, then enter in the date of the next Tuesday they are due to pay.

Palace will then update it each time they pay their rent, there is a yes/no choice on the bank import screen, see below - it is defaulted to yes

If you receipt them manually you will get a pop-up box asking you if you want to update the expected AP date. - Click yes

If they were due to Pay on Tuesday 8th December but didn't then on the 9th December Palace will show them under the missed Rent Alert button. They may be paid in advance but it is just giving you the heads up that this tenant has missed their normal payday.

That way you can contact the tenant to let them know as it could be a bank error

Once you click on the bell you will get the following Custom View.


Please Note: If the Tenant AP Next Payment Date is older than the Tenant Last Payment Date, this means that it has not been updated or the field may be empty meaning it has not been set at all.

Go to Tenant Edit and Payment Details to reset it. (Click on Edit)




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