My inspection is not uploading


If your inspection has been 'uploading' for over +/- 2 hours then this usually indicates that there is something wrong with the upload.

The first thing to check is to make sure the property is still on the device.

To do this go to Contacts and check your property list.

If the property isn't there then please check the following help file: Inspections have gone missing/lost.

If the property is in the property list but has been uploading for a while then we find that changing the internet connection can help.

A quick restart of the device first to clear used memory, etc. could also help.  If the problem persists - see below:

To do this:

  • Change the following internet settings so one is on and one is off (the mobile data setting is found in the settings of the phone).


  • Force quit the inspection app (you can google "how to force quit apps for iPhone"). If you are unsure how to do this. Usually, you double-tap the home button and a list of apps will show, swipe an app up to force quit it.
  • Go into the inspection app and stay on the uploads tab for as long as possible. Staying in the inspection app makes your phone prioritize the Inspection upload over anything else. If you were checking emails etc on the phone then it will prioritize the speed of the email app and the inspections will upload in the background which will take longer.
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