My inspection is not uploading

Photo and Video Inspections

Photo Inspections:

If your inspection has been 'uploading' for over +/- 2 hours then this usually indicates that there is something wrong with the upload.

The first thing to check is to make sure the property is still on the device.

To do this go to Contacts and check your property list.

If the property isn't there then please check the following help file: Inspections have gone missing/lost.

Items to try:

  • If the property is in the property list but has been uploading for a while then we find that changing the internet connection could assist the app to stop and start the upload.
  • A restart of the device first to clear used memory. (Please Note: Please see the attached PDF document relating to how often a device should be restarted and powered off. The article link is here)
  • Check the available space on the device. (Perform an Internet search to see how you can check available storage space for your specific device). If the available space is low you would need to delete unwanted files such as videos, photos and/or documents.
  • Check the battery status. A low battery will affect the speed of the app and device. The device will attempt to stay online for as long as possible and apps would then slow down.

If the problem persists - see below:

  • Apple: Change the following internet settings so one is on and one is off (the mobile data setting is found in the settings of the phone).



  • Android: Turn off the wireless options in the app and on the device. Mobile data will be the only connection used from this point.


  • Force quit the inspection app (Internet search "how to force quit apps" and insert your device's model in the search). If you are unsure how to do this. Usually, for Apple, you double-tap the home button and a list of running apps will appear, swipe an app up to force quit it. Android - tap the menu button on the bottom left-hand side, find the Palace app and swipe up. (Best to force quit all running apps).
  • Go into the inspection app and stay on the Queue tab for as long as possible. Staying in the inspection app makes your phone prioritize the Inspection upload over anything else. If you were checking emails, browsing, etc. on the device it will prioritize the speed of the email app/browser and the uploading inspections take longer in the background.

Please note - Tips:

  • Check the property's Status as if the property has been marked as Inactive this can affect the syncing of the property to Palace.
  • If the device had limited free space available while inspections are conducted it could affect the inspections in the app, which means there is a possibility that the inspections may become corrupted. You will need to constantly ensure that there is available storage space.
  • If your iCloud storage is full this could affect photos saved to the device when taking photos in the app as it is also trying to upload to your iCloud storage.
  • If the app is rather large it may affect the functionality. Checking the size of the app in the device's settings will reveal the current size.
  • Always make sure your device's OS and apps are up to date.
  • A device that has not been restarted for a long time could cause stability issues.
  • The pink Palace Liquid app uses the same credentials (email address and password) as your Palace account on the computer. If you change your Palace sign-in password the app will no longer sync. You would need to sign out of the app and sign back in with the new password which then will allow access to each other and syncing will continue.
  • If the email address in Palace is deleted or changed this will affect the app and any current inspections that have not been uploaded into Palace. Always ensure the app has been synced and there is nothing pending before changing email addresses/domains/passwords as the changes will affect the inspections and they may be lost.
  • Make sure that the auto-rotate option for the device is enabled. If the auto-rotation is disabled this will lock the device in portrait mode. Any photos/videos that are taken in the landscape will appear sideways.
    Note: (If the auto-rotation is enabled and photos are still showing incorrectly the app can be uninstalled, restart the device and download the app again. Make sure all inspections have been uploaded to Palace before doing this step as the app will reset and all open inspections will be lost.)

Another option:

  • A hard restart can be performed. Internet search a hard restart with the model of the device you are using to follow the button configuration required to perform this restart. When that has been done and the device is ready you can access the inspection app and retry the upload.

Retrying an uploaded inspection:

  • If there is a need to upload an inspection that has been uploaded into the property diary you can do this from the app. When an inspection has been uploaded to Palace there is a minimum of 35-40 hours before the inspection can be reuploaded to Palace again. If the inspection does not upload after this window you would need to wait a little longer before retrying the upload. Waiting 48 hours can be ideal.

Video Inspections:

Uploading videos to YouTube will take some time.
It is important to verify your YouTube channel. Please see the following article relating to verifying your YouTube channel - How to Upload Long Video Inspections

Items that impact the speed of the upload are:

  • The stability of your mobile and wireless connections
  • Having enough available storage on the device
  • Too many apps running in the background.


Please note: 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide.
That's 30,000 hours of video uploaded every hour. And 720,000 hours of video are uploaded every day to YouTube.

When retrying a video inspection in the Queue area of the inspection app (Apple) there is an option to download this to the device. This can be done in case you are worried that the video may be lost.
When the inspection is retried the app will tell you what is happening. Let the inspection continue uploading without interruption. Do not leave the wireless area or switch between mobile data and a wireless connection as this will interrupt the upload and could restart again.

The longer the video the large the size the longer it will take to upload to YouTube.
When the video is uploaded it will be processed by YouTube in 2 stages. The HD and SD versions. Once the video has been processed it will leave the Queue area of the app and appear in the Uploaded area.
The video link will automatically appear in the property diary in Palace.

You can access your channel's YouTube Studio via YouTube to see which videos are still processing and if there are duplicates in the queue that can be removed.

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