Tenant Overpaid Rent to be used to pay Tenancy Invoices

Usually at time of vacate, if a tenant has Overpaid rent you can use it to pay their outstanding tenancy invoices.

Note: if you are using the Overpaid Rent Ledger, make sure you select the correct transaction

If the money was paid to the Owner, then you need to make sure the Owner has a balance in order to be able to do this transaction.

To move overpaid rent to a Tenancy Invoice.

Make sure you have worked out what you are doing and what invoices you want to pay.

  • Go to Transactions
  • Choose Refund - Overpaid Rent - Click generate  (Or just Refund Rent if not using the overpaid ledger)
  • Find the tenant - Overpaid_rent.pngand then the amount will show that is available
  • Either use the whole amount or just the amount you need for the Invoice
  • In Ref: Put "transferring to pay invoice"
  • Click on Confirm.
  • This will take you back to the Transaction screen
  • Select the next transaction type called - Receipt Tenancy Invoice - Click Generate
  • Find the tenant 
  • You will see the invoices that are owing at the bottom of the screen
  • Tick the ones you are paying
  • If you have to change the amount on the invoice, make sure you also change the total amount so everything matches
  • Save and confirm
  • Back in the transaction screen you will see both transactions
  • Make sure they have a running total of 0.00 (This just makes sure that they balance each other out.
  • Overpaid_Rent_2.png
  • Then click process
  • Make sure you also go to the Bank Reconciliation, to present down both transactions.
  • All done. 
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