Setting up a Tenant to receipt Rent plus other money that comes through in one Payment in Bank Import

Sometime the tenant prefers to pay their invoices in installments, this is normally for Water, where they may pay 15.00 each week. They sometimes would set it up as a separate payment but usually will just add it to their normal rent each week. You can set this up so that Palace receipts it to the correct place automatically.

  • Go to the tenant list, find the tenant, go into the tenant or click on drop down arrow and edit
  • Click on Payment Details


  • Type in the amount you are going to collect next to the correct field - Your choices are:
  • Receipt (Other): The money will go against a tenant debit and go direct to the Owners ledger
  • Receipt (Other Ledger): The money will go against a tenant debit and will go to the Ledger you have selected (Bypasses the Owner) Select the water ledger
  • Receipt (Other Commission): The money will go against a tenant debit and will go the Owner and will charge a commission against the Owner.
  • Click OK when set up
  • Click save to close the tenant edit screen
  • Each time the tenant pays this amount, Palace will take the rent portion and receipt as rent, then take the remainder and receipt against your above choice i.e receipt tenant other


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