Owner wants a separate bank account for some of their properties

Sometimes an Owner will want separate bank accounts for some of their properties. This can be done in Palace without setting up the owner again.

Please note: you would still need to set up a new Owner if the name is different, i.e this one is a Trust, otherwise if the name is the same then just enter a new bank account



  • Go to the owner, click Edit and then click Bank Account
  • Click on ADD bank Account
  • Owner_Bank_Account.png
  • Enter in the information - Make sure the name is slightly different from the original bank account
  • Then go to the property, click on Edit (you must have added the property first)
  • Scroll down the bank account area and you will now see a dropdown box saying Split Account
  • Drop down that box and select the bank account you wish to associate with that property.
  • Split_Account.png
  • Then save and close
  • All done
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