Tenant Report: Tenant Invoices Report - How to Read

To get an up to date Invoice status on a particular Tenant, follow the instructions below

Find the relevant tenant

Either Edit the tenant and click on Reports OR click on the drop down arrow next to the Edit button and choose Tenant Invoices Report

You will have a choice of selection, see below


If you want a correct running total and to change the whole setting, change the date back to 2005 and that will pick up the whole history

If you want to see a list of Invoices and the receipts that are attached to them, change the selection of
"Include Invoices Track Grouping" to yes, otherwise it will just show you a list of receipts and debits

See the two choices below

Include Invoice Track Grouping - Turned to No


Include Invoice Track Grouping - Turned to Yes


If the reports show a - in front of the amount in the running total i.e -$54.00, this means the tenant is in credit.

If there is any receipts that are unassigned, you can assign them by going to the tenant, click on the drop down arrow next to Edit and choose assign invoices. 

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