Sending Owner Statements to the Secondary Email Address at Month End

To have the ability to send statements to Owners and to a second address, you need to make some changes to the specific owner profile.

  • Navigate to the owner in question and click Edit
  • In the main 'Details' tab of the owner, you will see two email fields. The primary Email and Secondary Email. Add addresses to both fields and ensure they are both valid email addresses.
    NOTE: Primary Email will be the main contact email for this owner and the Secondary email will only be used for statement runs.


  • If you need a different 'address' to display in the statement for our secondary contact, then you can add an address to the 'alternate address' field
  • Click the Financial tab and first review the statement media options (confirm the current setting is correct i.e Email, Paper etc.)
  • Under the same tab, you will see a setting called 'Include Alternate Address'. Set this toggle to YES
    NOTE: If you set this toggle to YES and have not yet added a secondary email address, you will not be able to save any changes on the owner profile.


  • Click Save and Close

So now, when you go to run your next month end this information will be pulled through and the person in the alternative email address area will receive a copy as well as the primary email address.

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