11th November, 2020 | Healthy Homes, Transaction Lock & Water Efficiency


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Healthy Homes (Multiple): Good things often come in 3's, which is the case with our Healthy Homes update. Our third and hopefully final update to our Healthy Homes tab is here and there is a lot to unravel.

  • Attachments: You will have the option to add an attachment to every section in our Healthy Homes tab. 
  • Attachments part two: When you remove an exisiting attachment, a copy of this will now be saved in the property diary as an external file. This allows you to back track and restore historic copies of attachments or simply keep record of what was saved against the property at a certain time.
  • Healthy Homes Statement: For each property, you will now have the option to print a healthy homes statement that contains all the information from your Healthy Homes tab in a PDF report.
    You can find this report under the individual property reports menu - Click here for more info.

  • Date of Compliance: For each section that has a 'compliant' option, you now have a new date field to record the date of compliance. These areas are: Heating, Insulation, Ventilation and Habitable Spaces, Moisture and Drainage & Final Compliant Statement.
  • Heating Capacity: Our heating field now has a 'Required Heating Capacity' field to be filled in.
  • Ventilation and Habitable Spaces: We've added a new field at the very top of our Ventilation section. This is a simple yes or no drop down related to fans installed prior to July 2019.
    HINT: You can use this as a merge field for Custom Views. Look for Healthy Homes Ventilation Fans Installed Prior to July 2019

For a more in-depth look into the Healthy Homes section, click here

Health & Safety (Multiple): Oh don't worry, we didn't stop at the Healthy Homes tab, we've also made changes to the Health & Safety tab.

  • New Name: You will now notice that our 'Health & Safety tab is now simply called 'Safety'
  • Attachments: You will now have the option to add an attachment for every section within the safety tab (similar to the Healthy Homes tab).
    NOTE: These attachments will also be saved in the relevant diary if they are removed.
  • Fibre Installation: We now have fields to record information for Fibre installation
  • Water Efficiency: Another new field, mainly for our NSW users but of course open to all to be used. This allows users to record water efficiency test data when and where applicable.

Options Tab (Insurance & Body Corp): Don't worry we didn't forget about the options tab. For the insurance & Strata / Body Corp fields, you will find that you can now add attachments. These attachments follow the same rules as our Safety & Health & Safety tabs where the attachment will be saved in the diary upon being removed.

Bank Import (Transaction Lock): We've had a history of some bank import issues resulting in the process getting stuck or even worse transactions duplicating.

After further investigation, we found that a part of this issue traces back to other transactions being processed simultaneously when the import is in progress. To help avoid these issues, we've now implemented a new transaction lock that will kick in the minute the bank import process is started.

This will restrict users from entering transactions from the below area, until the import is completed.

Dashboard process (reminders, charges & invoices) Document Flow Transaction
Transaction History (Reverse) Work Orders Reconciliation (Reports)
Bank Import    

NOTE: If you import a bank file and you do NOT process anything or have left over transactions, the lock will stay in place until you unlock it. Click here for more information.

Also, the user that initiates the bank import process will need to be the one to unlock the transactions if and when required.

Reports(Owner Statement): We've got a new-ish statement type available to be used. An updated version of our Details C statement can now be used, which will sort transactions in date order and not in transaction type. This version is called Details C (In Date Order).


Reports (Owner Statement / Insights): A long time request from everyone, we have renamed the statements from EOM under insights. Previously, this was named 'OwnerStatements_All' which can be a bit misleading, as it is a copy of all the print statements but the title would suggest otherwise. We've simply changed this to 'OwnerStatements_Print.pdf'.

Work Order (Filter): A quick fix to our current/closed dropdown filter. Previously, the 'closed' filter was ignoring the 'cancelled' work orders. For clarification, here are the statuses you can expect to see on each status - 

Current Action On Vacating, Authority Granted, Authority Requested, Quote Authorized, Quote Requested, Work Completed, Work In Progress
Closed Invoice sent to Owner, Quote Declined, Work Cancelled, Work Invoiced

Bank Reconciliation (Batch Eftpos): In the bank recon if you group your receipts, you can now expect to have your Eftpos receipts grouped together, hopefully making it easier for reconciling those eftpos receipts.

Transactions (Online File / Date Setting): We identified an issue with online files that were created before 12 pm NZT. Due to an UTC setting, if you created an online file before 12 pm NZT, the date on the file would be from the previous date and subsequently cause issues with the bank accepting the file. This has been fixed and will continue to work as expected.

Transactions (Online File / BPAY): Another issue identified with the online file creation, this time for our BPAY users. The formatting with the references for BPAY payments were incorrect and caused issues with the bank accepting the file. We have also rectified this issue and you can expect our BPAY files to work as expected.

Tenants & Suppliers (Duplication Issues): Ever setup a new tenant or supplier and somehow end up two or more versions of the new entry? Don't worry, you're not going crazy.
We've identified the issue that was causing these duplicates to be created and moving forward this should no longer happen.

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