Integration with Tether




Tether - The simplest way to do Healthy Home inspections for your properties.

Our partnership with Tether Tick will save you time, money and reduce liability exposure. How?

  • Download Tether Tick, connect to your Palace account and you’re ready to go! All of your properties are synced to the app. Easy for you and your healthy home inspectors.
  • All of your data is in one place, no manual entry! Once your healthy home inspector has finished, all inspection data is saved back to Palace, along with the certificate of compliance or a fix list of required work.
  • Minimal liability. Tether Tick does all the calculations for your property inspectors so that no mistakes can be made, reducing any liability.

Are your Property Inspectors making your life easy?

If you are a property inspector or use one, Tether Tick will speed up the inspection and automatically saves all your data into Palace. If the property doesn't pass, Tether Tick outputs a detailed fix list speeding up the process of making that property compliant.

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