How do I archive ledgers - How to remove Ledgers I do not use anymore

You cannot archive system generated ledgers like Management fees etc but you can archive your own company generated ledgers.

The following criteria is expected

  1. Ledger balance must be zero
  2. There must not be any transactions in the current month
  3. The authority for this is restricted to those with Administrator Access


To archive a ledger

  1. Once you have zeroed down the ledger, you can archive
  2. Find the ledger and click on the drop down arrow next to the Edit button and choose archive
  3. A pop up screen will appear


Please read carefully as you may have some outstanding Tenancy Invoices that have been linked to this ledger, if you do have some, then the following will occur:

  1. The ledger will be archived
  2. All outstanding Tenancy Invoices linked to this ledger will automatically be linked to the new unallocated ledger. 
  3. A report of those invoices that were linked to the ledger that you archive will be created and saved under Insights - Historic.  image__12_.png

If you need to go back to an archived Ledger, you will see a toggle button at the top of the ledger screen, 

Show Archived - slide to yes and it will show you the archived ledgers, you can view reports or reinstate.



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