Setting Up two tenants to pay separately

Palace allows you to set up additional tenants and have them pay separately, so that they get a separate bank import code and you can match them rather than having to do it manually each time they pay.

It has the added benefit of showing who paid what on the Tenancy Details report

In the main screen of the tenant

  • Go to Payment Details 
  • Put in the amount that this head tenant will be paying i.e total rent is $600 and they are paying half
  • Enter in the 300.00
  • Save
  • Go to Additional tenants, add in the tenant, put in the $300.00
  • Then click on Payment Details
  • Enter in the 300.00 plus the frequency i.e 7 days for a week and save
  • Save and Close
  • Now they will come into the Bank Import separately and you can match them separately


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