How to reverse a partially paid or fully paid Tenancy Invoice

Are you getting a pop up saying you cannot reverse because the receipt is partially paid or partially allocated to an invoice.


Simple Fix.......


Staying in History, click OKay to the above and then click on Edit, on the transaction you are wanting to reverse. In the top left corner you will see the transaction number of the original invoice.

  • Reverse_tenancy_transaction_1.png
  • Now enter that number into the search function of History
  • and click refresh
  • Once it shows on the screen, click edit and go into the transaction
  • reverse_Tenancy_Transaction_2.png
  • On the top right hand corner, you will see Status and it will either say paid or partially paid etc
  • Change to Not Paid
  • Now your receipt is no longer allocated to this invoice,
  • you can now reverse the invoice.


If you have any issues or questions, please let us know as the Support Team will happily come online with you.


NOTE: If the invoice has more then one receipt allocated to it, you will need to reallocate the receipts to the correct invoice.

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