Net Off error when trying to pay Owners

Sometimes you may be trying to pay your owners in bulk and you will get an error saying a certain Owner cannot net off.

What does this mean? 

Even though the owner has more than one property and plenty of money to clear the negative on one property, Palace cannot do the net off because one or more of the properties has a different Bank Account Number

In order for the net off function to work, all properties must have the same bank account number, if they are allocated to different bank account numbers then the net off cannot be carried out.

How do you work around this?

  • If you are in the middle of paying out, I would go and put this Owner on hold first, then finish paying the rest of your owners out.
  • Then go and take the Hold of the Owner
  • Go to Transactions
  • Payment Owner: (find the property) Take the amount you need from one of the owners properties with money
  • Receipt owner: Receipt the money into the property that is in negative and make a note to say what it is for.
  • Process these transactions
  • Then you can go back to Owner Generate Payment and run it again and this owner will now come up.



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