14th October, 2020 | Document Flow changes, Archive Ledgers and more ....

Document Flow (Invoice Description): The sequel to our recent update to Document Flow invoices. Previously, we added the feature where the expense type is auto filled for the property & tenant invoice description. Along with this, the Default Invoice Comments from the supplier would also be auto filled if there is no existing text upon processing the invoice. Unfortunately, A couple of issues came from this update:

  1. Expense Type - This would auto fill even after a user had manually deleted the text. Meaning, sometimes there would be a double up of the expense types (one from the system and one manually typed by the user). Or in some cases, the invoices simply did not need anything in the description.
  2. Default Invoice Comments - As mentioned above, this would be auto filled ONLY if there was no existing text in the invoice description field. This is not ideal for those that have a specific setup for their default invoice comments and was expecting this to be added with any existing or manually entered content.

Moving forward, both the expense type and default invoice comments will be added to the invoice description when there is a change of supplier code. This means that we will trigger the comments to be added when the invoice is matched (From the unmatched column), the invoice comes into doc flow auto matched or if the supplier is changed at any point prior to being processed.
Along with this, any manual changes made to the invoice will not re-trigger the comments to be autofilled. Meaning, if you delete the expense type or default invoice comments, we will not add it back in once you approve, save or process the invoice.


Ledgers (Ability to archive): We believe a lot of people have been waiting for this one. The ability to archive ledgers that are no longer needed. That's right, if you have ledgers that are named 'ZZZ DO NOT USE', you can finally archive them and keep your ledger list looking a bit more tidy. You will now be able to archive any user created ledgers from your ledger list whenever you need.

For a more detailed read on how all of this works, click here


Property Images (Sort By Title): In our last release, we made some performance changes to the uploading, re-arranging and deletion of photos within the property. This time, we have a new button that allows you to sort photos in alphabetical order (Highest to Low or Low to Highest)

NOTE: Alphabetical order is the recommended naming convention for images in Palace



Reports (Property Available Summary / Flyer): We have fixed an issue from our last release where images were not being picked up in the available summary and flyer reports. These reports will now continue to work as expected.


Rent Review (Last Rent Increase): Just in time for another RTAA law change, where a rent increase cannot take place within 12 months of the last rent increase. When processing rent reviews, you will now have a new field that will display the date of the latest rent increase - This should assist with processing your rent reviews and deciding whether a rent increase is due or not.

NOTE: This pulls info from the last rent increase for a tenant, which can be found in the tenancy edit screen.



Reports (User login): A new report that will be available to admin users only. You can now track the login times of all users in your system.



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