How to Upload an Inspection to Liquid on the Palace Liquid (Pink) Android Inspection App

Once you have finished all your inspections they need to be exported from your device and imported back into Palace.

You need a Wi-Fi connection for this.

Instructions - Exporting and Importing the Inspections:

  • On the device, tap on the three lines icon (menu) (Top left-hand side of any of the list screens)

  • Tap on "Uploads"

  • Once you have finished all your inspections they need to be submitted into your uploads queue. If you have an internet connection at the time of submission, your inspection will upload immediately, however, if you do not have an active internet connection, your inspection will remain in your uploads queue.
  • When you have completed an Inspection, Video Inspection or even a Work Order you will be prompted with a pop up similar to the screenshot displayed. From your Android device and imported back into Palace you just need a stable internet connection for this.
  • Please note: During a video inspection you are able to pause the video, if needed, in order to keep the video short and to the point. While this feature is an Android feature that the app has inherited Apple does not support pausing of videos.
  • Once your inspection is submitted, you can check the status under the Uploads tab. Tap on Uploads and you will be taken to a screen like below where you will have an inspection which will be in the process of uploading in the QUEUE area and any inspections that have already been uploaded will be in the UPLOADED area with a timestamp of when the inspection was uploaded.

  • Click on the upload cloud (Top right-hand side of the screen)
  •  It will show a progress circle - wait until it has finished 

Note: It may take a while depending on the number of photos that you have taken.

  • The below clip shows that if you have done an inspection without mobile data or wireless connection the inspection will appear in the QUEUE area with a black arrow icon showing that it needs to be uploaded from the device to Palace.
  • Once there is a wireless connection the inspection/s in the QUEUE area may automatically upload or press the arrow icon for it to upload.
  • If you look inside the UPLOADED area and find an inspection there with an arrow icon it can be tapped to upload.  This will/may happen if there is no mobile data and wireless connection.
  • Tap out of the Uploads area and go back in to ensure the screens have updated if needed.
  • There will be a pink icon at the very top of the screen, swipe down and there will be an explanation that the inspection has uploaded successfully from the App.


  •  When completed, you can close out of the device.

In Palace Liquid

  • Click on "Property", "Property inspections".  Go to the "Import List". Select your name from the "Property Manager" drop-down box.  In there you will find your imported property or properties.
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