11th September, 2020 | Dashboard changes, Effective Paid To Date Merge Field, Payment Expense Attachments and much more...

Dashboard (Multiple): A few quick changes to our dashboard that is a part of our bigger plans for our dashboard re-design project.

  • SMS (Sent this month): This is now a clickable link, meaning if you click on it, you will be taken to the SMS log to preview the SMS sent out of the month
  • Timeline: You can now click on the items displayed on the timeline, which will open up the specific diary entry and allow you to edit or make changes to it as you need.

Tenant (Active // Inactive): This will tie into our dashboard feature and later on potentially our tenancy debtor feature. However, for now, it is a simple status toggle for your tenants. This can be used to identify your 'active' tenants that are actively paying rent etc. and separate them from your inactive tenants (those that are still in the system for debt collection or other reasons).

NOTE: This is available as a merge field - Search for ''Tenant Group Status Active'' which will give you a yes or no value.


Merge Fields (Effective Paid To Date): Another little add-on that will also link into our dashboard work, but also a long time requested field. Our effective paid to date merge field is now available to be used i your custom views and document templates.

Transactions (Payment Expense): A task that received one of the most votes in our ideas portal - You will now have the ability to attach an invoice to a Payment Expense transaction type. This invoice will be saved in the diary as an external file and during EOM, you will have the option to include these files with your statement collation.


Transactions (Bank Import): A quick change to our bank import screen. Previously, we separated the ''expected date'' from the AP record toggle - Meaning, if you set the AP record toggle to NO, the expected date would continue to advance to the next date, which for certain scenario's won't actually work (i.e tenant hasn't paid a full weeks rent).

So to fix this, we've added in another option called 'Update Next AP Date'.
This new option controls the Expected Date, highlighted below. By default, this will be set to YES, but for whatever reason if you need to match and process the tenants rent but wish to keep their expected date the same, then this is your answer.


Transactions (Owner Payments // Uncleared Funds): We found an issue with owner payments where the uncleared funds would cause an issue with the payable funds to owners as well as how much was displayed as a payable amount on the statements. This includes:

  • Issues found with the owner statement where we were adding one extra day for uncleared funds and therefore holding funds that were technically clear to be paid out.
  • The uncleared amount not displaying correctly on the statement if the statements were generated//collated 'after' the owner payout during EOM.
  • Issues with the netting off of properties when Strict Audit is set to Yes Owners.
  • Issues with funds not being 'cleared' if payments are processed before midday

Property (Attachments): We've made a quick adjustment to our new tabs from our last release. These tabs will now handle attachments with unique characters in the file name. Previously, this would cause issues with removing or downloading the uploaded file - This will work as expected now.

Performance (Inspection Reports): Tired of the system struggling to generate an inspection report, only for it to spit out an error at you? Yes, we feel your pain!

In this release, we've made some structure changes on the report generation side of things which you all should notice works a lot smoother and better for those larger reports.

Document Workflow (Columns): Following the trend from our last release where we added the ability to sort each column in the bank import, we have implemented the same changes to our workflow area. Meaning you can now sort each column in alpha or numerical order.

Document Workflow (Supplier Name): Just because we like to work in 3's - In the workflow area, the supplier name (for the Work Order area) will now be displaying what they have setup under their company name - Previously this displayed the supplier first and last name which in most cases is not filled out. This should make life a bit easier when matching a Work Order to a workflow invoice.

Document Workflow (Clear Tenancy): Received an invoice in your document workflow where the tenant doesn't need to be charged? Whilst there are some fiddly ways to achieve this in the system, we thought we'd make life a bit easier by adding in a ''clear'' button as per below:


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