Standard - Healthy Homes / Safety Integration

The 'Healthy Homes / Safety Integration' documentation contains the majority of the contracts available to allow for syncing fields and file attachments related to the 'Healthy Homes' and 'Safety' tab within Palace.

The 'Healthy Homes / Safety Integration' area does NOT require an upgrade from a 'Standard' API account to a 'Premium' API Account. 

Currently, the 'Healthy Homes / Safety Integration' area consists of...

4 GET contracts and 2 POST contracts

  • /v2DetailedPropertyHealthyHomesSafetyExtended/JSON/{propertyCode} (Gets a single object with 'healthy homes and safety' fields)
  • /v2ViewAllDetailedPropertyHealthyHomesSafetyExtended/JSON (Gets and array of objects with 'healthy homes and safety' fields)
  • /v2DetailedPropertyHealthyHomesSafetyFiles/JSON/{propertyCode} (Gets a single objects with a list of categories related attachments' for healthy homes and safety')
  • /v2DetailedPropertyHealthyHomesSafetyFileDownload/{propertyCode}/{category} (Gets a single objects with 'File Name' and base64 encoded 'File Data'  related to property and category)
  • /v2UpdatePropertyHealthyHomesSafetyExtended/JSON (Posts a single object to update 'healthy homes and safety' fields)
  • /v2InsertPropertyHealthyHomesSafetyFile/JSON (Posts a single object to update 'healthy homes and safety' file attachments)

Please click on this link SwaggerHub_Logo_Horizontal_Color_Small.png to access the details of the API.


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