30th September, 2020 | Property Images Update, Bank Import Duplicate Checker and more....

Property (Images): We've made some major changes to the images tab for image uploads. Not only is uploading images a lot faster but so is the ability to re-arrange photos. We understand the frustrations users have had with the amount of time it took to simply upload and re-arrange photos in this area, so we've spent the last couple of releases perfecting this area. 

NOTE: Photos won't upload in alphabetical order at the moment. In the next couple of updates, we'll introduce a quick and easy way to sort photos once they're uploaded.

Transactions (Payment Supplier): Supplier Payments have been a bit troublesome of late, especially for those that generate remittances or statements for them. We've made another performance enhancement to this area so these payments are processed in the background. This allows you to continue to use Palace whilst we take care of the transactions and the emailing of the remittances/statements.


Bank Import (Duplicate Checker): We've made a quick but very important change to our bank import process. We know that there are cases where the bank import results in duplicate transactions due to a connection error or the process restarting due to a timeout.

We've made some changes to this process so that our system can pick up and avoid any duplicate transactions from being processed. This process has essentially been dubbed as being bulletproof and you should expect a smoother experience with the bank import process.

Document Flow (Due Date): A long-awaited feature for Tenancy Doc Flow invoices. We now have a 'due date' field available for you to edit and use. Please note, that this works exactly the same as the Due Date field in the invoice tenancy option via transactions

NOTE: the default date that pulls through into this field is dictated by your system setting (Tenant Invoice Due Within)


Dashboard (Pending Charges / Invoices): We've fixed an issue with pending charges/invoices in the dashboard. Previously these invoices would not take uncleared funds into consideration and would make invoices look like they're ready to be charged only to be blocked off by a strict audit warning due to uncleared funds. This has now been fixed and will work as expected.

List Defaults (Expense Types: For those that have had issues loading their expense types due to a large number of expense types, this will no longer crash upon loading the page. You will now be able to successfully load this page as expected.

Property (Merge Fields): We have added the following merge fields to the system, which can now be used in Document Templates and Custom Views:

Manual Review & Property Keep Back Accum

Reports (Owner Statements): A very quick change to our owner statements. Somewhere along the line, some of our clients have been able to generate owner statements with the date at the top of the statement being displayed in American date format MM/DD/YYYY.

We've changed this and all future statements will be collated and sent out using NZ date format DD/MM/YYYY.

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