7th August, 2020 | Sort-able columns in Bank Import, Transaction Fixes and more!


Performance: A lot of work on this release has been on improving performance. Without getting too much into the technical nitty-gritty, we're making moves to improve the overall processing with Palace for EOM, batch payments and reports.

Transactions (Multiple):

  • Refund Rent (Rapid entry): When using the ''Rapid Entry'' feature on Refund Rent, the tenant amounts will auto-update as you change tenants. This lowers the risk of accidentally processing a refund rent for the wrong amounts.
  • Reversals: For those that don't know, we allow users to perform a bulk reversal for certain transaction types. We've locked off most of the transactions, however, this can be a bit misleading as it disables the reverse button. From now on, you will be presented with a quick pop-up warning to let you know you will need to use the drop-down reversal option instead.
  • Owner Letting Fee - Agent Commission: We identified an issue with pending letting fees that were set up to take a % for agent commission. In some cases, the agent's percentage was not taken. This has been rectified.
  • Receipt Tenancy Invoice: We fixed an issue with the GST split when using the receipt tenancy invoice transaction, specifically with the assigned invoices process. 

Inspections (Images): Some inspection images were displayed with the incorrect orientation when imported. This has been fixed.

Bank Import - Columns: You will now be able to sort all columns in the bank import screen by alpha or numerical order.

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