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Like most things web-based, Palace data is backed up on a regular basis and we have access to the backed-up data if necessary. All your data is held and looked after by a third party, which in this case, our app is hosted by Azure (Microsoft Cloud Services).

Palace uses Microsoft Azure services to access, maintain and store your data.

The data centres we use are supplied by Microsoft Azure.

  • Australia East
  • Australia Southeast

All backups are secure and we implement the best practices when it comes to the security of your data.

Database Security: All our databases are encrypted and secured behind a robust firewall and all connections are encrypted and password protected. Databases can only be accessed from specific locations and by senior Technicians within our organisation.  We host these on Azure SQL Services.

Further detailed information about Azure SQL Services and Security can be found at:

An overview of Azure SQL Database and SQL Managed Instance security capabilities

Storage Security:

As with Azure SQL Services, all BLOB Storage (e.g. large files and images) are encrypted and password protected.

Further detailed information about Azure Storage and Security can be found at:

Azure security baseline for Storage

All our public-facing sites have the latest cipher encryptions to encrypt all communications to and from our services. These are also siloed from our data so the data is further isolated in that all communication from these servers has encrypted connections to your data. 

No 3rd party has access directly to your data unless you have allowed access via our API Services.

Although we do not directly hold any ISO certifications ourselves, Azure (our data hosting provider) leads the industry in ISO certifications.

Microsoft Azure leads the industry in ISO certifications

Palace Holdings is also willing to perform Penetration Testing if required at the cost of the client requesting it.

Whilst we implement the best practices and do all that we can to look after your data, this is a great opportunity to check your own user passwords and ensure that your logins are secure and are not shared. If you wish to update your current password you can do by using the Forgot Password link on the Palace login screen.


Our privacy policy is available online.

At the Palace sign-in screen you will find our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.



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