How to set up Owner Wow Calls

First of all under System - List Defaults - set up a new Diary group called "Wow" calls - Remember to click save and close


Then you can set up in an Owner Diary or Property Diary

Please Note: If you use the Owner Dairy, there is no Diary Group Report as yet

So if you want to report on the Diary Groups, it would be better to use the Property Diary and then you can run the Property Diary Group Report


Setting up the Diary (same instructions for either Diary, Owner or Property. 

  1. Click on Reminder, set up a repetitive reminder every month or two months or what ever and link to the Group WOW calls
  2. Give it a description
  3.  wow_calls_1.png
  4. When it is due it will appear in the Reminder list on the dashboard, 
  5. Once they have done it, they will then tick it and process it and it will roll over to next time  (They can edit it before they roll it, to write the notes)

Under Property Reports is a report called Property - Diary Report

You can use this report to print a list of ones that have been done or are outstanding



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