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Your internet speed is the rate at which data is transferred between your computer and the internet servers. It can affect the way your computer and browsers work in several ways. For example, if you have a slow internet speed, you may experience longer loading times, buffering videos, lagging online games, and poor video calls. On the other hand, if you have a fast internet speed, you can enjoy smoother browsing, streaming, gaming, and communication. Your internet speed can also depend on various factors, such as your location, your service provider, your network congestion, your device performance, and your browser choice. Some browsers are faster than others because they use different technologies to process web pages, such as caching, rendering, and compression.

What can you do to improve performance?

At Palace, we have been working very hard to improve the speed and processing performance by increasing capabilities.
We noticed several clients were still complaining about speed, so we did some tests on their computers and we had some interesting findings. Some computers have only 4GB of RAM, if you have multiple tasks operating it will use 75 - 80% of that memory. If there is limited Hard drive storage space the system will run slower as it also utilises this area. When multiple programs/processes/browser tabs are running on a PC with this configuration, any task requiring more memory will either freeze, not respond or slow down.
The recommended specifications to run cloud-based processing software are:
  • 8GB RAM (and above)
  • i5 (or i7 Processor is recommended)
  • Disk Drives - SSD is better than HDD. While some systems have variations of the SSD over the older HDD types that do help with processing speed it's also related to how much storage space is available.
Having this configuration allows the PC to perform multiple tasks faster without lagging. Internet speed matters a lot too so having a fast internet is always recommended. Having a fast PC and a slow internet will cause issues as well.
If you are facing any slow performance or delays while running certain processes on your computer, it's essential to ensure that your operating system and software are updated with the latest security and build versions. Make sure to regularly update Microsoft Windows, your browser(s), and antivirus protection to improve the performance and avoid potential issues.

Running a speed test:

The speed of your broadband connection also plays an important part in how fast the browser is able to process commands.
Running a speed test on the line will help us to rule out if this is the (or a) issue. To run a speed test you can visit the site - and click on the GO button. The tests are for download and upload speed. When the test is completed a snapshot/screengrab can be made of the results and sent to the support team.
Tip: Use an ethernet cable connected to the modem/router for a more accurate reading. Wireless connections can be at a slower speed. Running the test both on cable and wireless connections will show you and us the speed difference.
Below is a sample of a running speed test.
An out-of-date browser also plays an important role in speed and reliability.
Tip: If you use Google Chrome by default you could switch to Microsoft Edge to see if the issue repeats.

What's Next

If there have been issues where a link will not load correctly or at all or if a pop-up box is supposed to load and does not it may mean that the browser needs to be 'refreshed' by clearing the cache and cookies.
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