21st August, 2020 | Healthy Homes Part Two...

Healthy Homes / Health & Safety Part One: We've made moves to update our Health & Safety / Healthy Homes section. This includes having all fields available to be used in Palace in accordance with NZ & AUS requirements, which will also be available to be used via API with sites like All Clear, TAPI & Renti in the near future (Date to be confirmed).

Part one of this movement sees the introduction of a new separate Healthy Homes tab which will have the below-noted fields. 

Heating Insulation
Ventilation and Habitable Spaces Moisture & Drainage
Draught Stopping Final Compliant Statement

We've made updates to our existing Heating, Insulation & Ventilation fields whilst adding new fields for Habitable spaces, Moisture & Drainage, Draught Stopping and a Final Compliant Statement section.

For a more detailed read on all our new fields, click here

Healthy Homes / Health & Safety Part Two: The second part of our update is the separation of our H&S tab from the Healthy Homes info. Now you in your H&S tab you will have the below fields:

Smoke Alarms Asbestos
Hazard Comments Safety Switch

Blinds & Curtains

For a more detailed read on all our new fields, click here

Healthy Homes / Health & Safety Part Three: In addition to the updated fields above, we have also allowed the ability to use the same smoke alarm within a property multiple times. This means you no longer need to create different versions of the same smoke alarm to be used in the one property.

Healthy Homes / Health & Safety Part Four: Just so we can work on even numbers, we've also added some new fields for strata/body corp info to be recorded.

Click here for a closer look.

Bank Account - Trading Account: We have fixed a minor issue with the ability to add a bank account to the trading account area for your ledgers

Document Flow (Multiple): A few updates for our document workflow area:

  • Default Invoice Text: For all invoices, we will now have a subheading in the invoice description set to display the supplier expense for the selected supplier i.e Water Care will show Water Rates or Jim Mowing could show Cleaning.
    Along with this, we have also updated this field to pick up the default invoice text added against the supplier, so that this info will display on the invoice once processed.
  • Supplier Name: When matching or updating your invoices, you will now see the suppliers sort code under their name when searching.
  • Workflow Attachments sending out with EOM statements: We have identified an issue where attachments linked to invoices that were still sitting in the workflow area (no processed), were being sent out with the EOM statements. This would, in turn, create some confusion with owners as the actual invoice had not been charged yet. These attachments will no longer go out with your statements until they have actually been entered as transactions.
  • Pending Invoice: When a doc flow invoice is sent to the dashboard as a pending invoice, this triggers the attachment to be saved in the diary. This can result in the invoice being sent to the owner at EOM and cause a bit of confusion. We've also noted the case where the invoice may land in the diary multiple times after being marked as a pending invoice or the attachment is 'cleared' if any changes are made to the pending invoice i.e update of any information.

    We have fixed all mentioned issues, where invoices will only be sent to the diary upon being processed which simultaneously fixes issues with multiple copies being stored in the diary and cleared.

Reports - Work Orders: We found an issue with this report displaying inactive property groups upon generating. We have fixed this up and now only the active property groups will show for you to use in your filters.

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