24th July 2020 | New Trade Me Report, Tenant Invoice Tracked Report changes and more.... 

Performance Check: We've spent the last couple of weeks working hard on the performance side of Palace in preparation for our upcoming End Of Month. 

Whilst you won't see any changes at face value, rest assured, we've made some improvements on the back end that will provide a smoother experience.

NOTE: There is still more work to be done which means more improvements in the coming releases.

Reports - Trade Me Log: Kicking things off for this release, we introduce a new 'changelog' type of report. Much like the normal changelog, this report will record and showcase all changes made by a user along with a timestamp.

You can expect all uploads, updates & removals of listings to be recorded here - This will make life easier when needing to track any changes that have been made to any of your new or existing listings.

You can find this new report with the rest of our 'system reports'.
NOTE: This report does not have any permissions behind it and can be accessed by all.


TradeMe: Speaking of TradeMe, we also encountered an issue with some images not being accepted to be uploaded to TM as well as the advert user being changed when changing certain areas of an existing listing - These issues have been fixed and are working as expected now.

SMS Log: A very quick change with permissions for our SMS log. We've removed all permissions to this report and will be available to ALL users along with our Email log and newly created TradeMe log.

Tenant - Payment Details: A few issues have been identified and fixed with this area.

  • Expected Date: Users will now be able to 'clear' the expected date for a tenant if and when necessary.
  • Expected Date / Bank Import: When matching or editing a tenant via the bank import process, you may not want to update the AP details and opt to select NO to this option. This would cause issues with the expected date for the tenant where the date would either not advance as expected or would be cleared altogether

    After making some minor changes to this area, selecting no the 'update AP details' will not have an impact on your expected date as this will continue to advance forward.
  • Bank Import: We identified an issue where the expected date would not advance once rent was processed via the bank import if there were other transaction types processed at the same time i.e Receipt Bond

Reports - Tenancy Invoice (Tracked): A few changes have been applied to this report where you now have additional filters and a couple of new columns in the report itself.


New Fields

  • Date From & Date To: This is based on the 'transaction date'
  • User Filter: Added (All-Grouped & Ungrouped)
  • Invoices Overdue By(Days): This will be based on your system settings and will display invoices that are overdue by the number of days you enter in the text field. i.e (invoice date + 14 = Due date. Due date + 3 = overdue by 3 days)

Reports - Changelog (Property Water Charge): Our changelog will now record any changes made to the owner/tenant water toggles.

Work Order (Email): When emailing a work order, you will now be able to select ALL current tenancies that are linked to the property for your work order. 

Transactions (Invoice Tenancy): When checking your invoice tenancy transactions via 'transaction > history', you will now be able to easily see what ''apply to'' option was selected at the time if the transaction entry i.e Owner or Fee Ledger


Email (Images): Attaching images in the body of the email is a very common thing these days with mobile devices and iPads making these things easier to do. Palace now accepts images that are embedded into the body of the email and you will now be able to see them upon receiving the emails.

NOTE: Whilst we have allowed the images to be successfully received into Palace, once the email is replied too, the image link is not accepted by external email providers i.e Gmail & Hotmail. 

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