Tenant Invoice - How to Receipt to Owner and part of the money to a Ledger

Sometimes you may have an Invoice to charge to the tenant but not all the money is going to the owner. What is the best way to handle this.


Create the Tenancy Invoice as normal and just select allocate to Owner




To Receipt the tenancy Invoice you will need to do as two separate invoices but you can do this under Rapid entry

  • Go to Receipt Tenancy Invoice
    Find the tenant
    Tick on Rapid Entry
    Make sure it say allocated to owner Account
    scroll down to find the Invoice - Change the cost to the amount you are paying i.e $400.00
    Enter the $400 into the amount paid
    Confirm the invoice

Now receipt the leftover
This time change to allocate to " ledger Commission"
Scroll back down to the Invoice (please note it will still say $400) and change it to $35.00
And change the total to $35.00
Confirm and then click Back

Check that it adds up to the total i.e $450.00 and then click process.


If Bank Import

You can do this under bank import as well

You will need to select the invoice and change the cost to 400.00 and then select ledger commission and receipt 35.00 but it won't go against the Invoice

So once processed you will need to go to the tenant (Drop down arrow , select Assign Invoice) and select and assign the 35.00 to the invoice. 

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