10th July 2020 | Ideas Portal, Change Log & Updates to our Batch Transactions

Ideas Portal: If you don't already know, we have a new 'ideas' portal available for you to use. Here you can vote on some of the already logged ideas or you can even log your own idea for others to vote on. This helps us get a clear picture of what's important to you so that we can take them into consideration whilst mapping out the rest of our future releases.

Click here for a closer look at how to use our portal


Change Log: We know there are a lot of areas in the changelog that need to be worked on or updated. As a starting point, we have gone and fixed the below areas so that they are recorded in the changelogs as expected.

  • Bank Accounts - Adding, Editing, or removing of bank accounts will now be recorded. The date/time, user along with the old and new values will be captured in this report.
  • Rent Changes - Adding, removing, and reposting. Any rent changes that are added or removed will now be recorded in the changelog. Again, we will capture the time/date along with the user who actioned the changes.
  • Date Available - Adding, editing and removing the date available will be recorded - Much like the above, the user who makes the changes along with the timestamps will also be recorded.

Tenant - Re-post: Speaking of reposts, we segway into our next release item. When performing a modified rent re-post against a tenancy, you will now be prompted with a pop-up box to enter a reason for the re-post. From here, your reason, along with a copy of the tenant details report (pre-repost) will be copied into the tenant diary.

NOTE: The description will be read-only and will not be an editable field.


Property - Inspections: Completed a full-on inspection only to return to the office and realize it was done under the incorrect property? Don't worry, we got you covered.

Now you will have the option to move an inspection from one property diary to another. You can either do this from within the inspection screen or straight from the diary.
Here's a quick preview:


Owner - Merge field: A quick addition to our list of merge fields. You now have the option to use 'Owner Start Date' as a merge field to allow you to build custom reports for your owners.

Transactions - Document Workflow (Alerts): When editing or matching a property invoice via the workflow area, you will now see the property alert show up (similar to how you see this in your general transaction screen).

Inspections - Import List: Under the import list for inspections, we have changed the agent name to now display the primary agent 1 for the property

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