Reversing and Hiding Transactions & Inspection Date Changes

Reversing & Hiding Transactions

Reverse and hide receipts in one easy step. The bulk reversal feature was released in March however you may not be aware that it makes reversing single transactions easy too!

If you need to reverse a rent receipt or invoice receipt, tick the receipt, and rather than using the dropdown option to reverse - use the Reverse icon at the top of the history screen. This will give you the option to add a comment as to why the reversal is being done and hide the transaction at the same time!


NOTE: You can only use this feature on ''Receipt Rent, Payment Owner, Receipt Tenancy Invoice & Payment Supplier'' transaction types.


Inspection Date Changes

Need to update multiple inspection dates? You can do this under the Property Inspections.
Select the inspections that you need to change (if changing from one date to another, it easy to use the date filters for this).

Under the blue dropdown box, you can select to Change Date. Enter the new date and it will update them all at once.


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