26th June, 2020 | Property Insurance Field, Diary Group Report and more!

Reports - Owner Statement (Large Portfolio): We've created a new version of our large portfolio report, so that you can now see comments that are linked to any 'receipt tenancy invoice' transaction. This makes it easier for your owner to see further details related to their income that is not directly rent.


Tenant - Partial Re-post: Removing or updating a rent change against a tenancy prompts the system to perform an automatic 'partial re-post'. This re-aligns any dates and ensures your tenants paid from and to dates are all correct according to your changes. However, we found that this process would not update the tenants 'current rent' and therefore, resulted in incorrect data for your tenant's rent.

We've made some changes on our end and can ensure that this process will continue to work as expected moving forward.

Property - Insurance Field: As requested, our properties will now have 'two' insurance fields to fill out. This change also brings in a new expiry date field which has a reminder system behind it to let your users know when a policy is coming to an end. 


System - Navigation: You spoke and we listened. Following on from our shortcut update, we've made some changes so that when you are using the 'task list' option to navigate to a property, owner or tenant, you will now be taken to the 'current list' of that entity (no longer the edit screen).

Please note, if you are using the shortcut buttons within the edit screens, you will still be taken to the relevant edit screen.


Bank Import - Tenant Info: Another feature we have taken feedback on board with. You will all be pleased to know that we hardcoded the tenant info inside the tenant match-up screen. This means you will no longer need to hover your mouse over the icon to bring this info up.

Reports - Unpaid Invoices: Another quick update to one of our existing reports. The property unpaid invoices report will now include any 'pending invoices' that are sitting in the dashboard waiting to be charged. To keep things consistent, we've also renamed the report to be called Property Unpaid/Pending Invoices & Supplier Unpaid/Pending Invoices 

Reports - Diary Groups: Continuing with our run of reports, we've also made updates to our tenancy & property diary group reports. Previously, this wasn't picking anything up, whereas you can now expect it to pick up and display all diary entries that have been filtered to a set diary group type.

System - Letterhead: Letterheads really make your reports and statements 'stand out' so it is important that you're able to use the logo you wish to use. We've set the system up to automatically 're-size' any images so that the dimensions fit our statement requirements. This will also avoid issues with any letterheads not formatted by our team will often break the statement run process.

Property - Images (Drag n Drop): You will note that the 'save & close' button will be disabled whilst you are moving images around in your property setup. We will continue to save all re-arranged photo changes, however, you will only be able to perform a 'full save' once the photos have completed their changes.

Supplier - New Shortcut: Keeping with our consistency theme, you can now see a new shortcut button to allow a user that they can add/edit the suppliers bank account directly from the 'edit' screen.

Owner/Tenant - Current List Changes: On the Owner/Tenant current lists, we have renamed the Primary Phone column to display either Tenant Phone Number or Owner Phone Number. We have also renamed this field within each edit screen which by default, will now pick data up from the mobile number section.

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