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This area controls which parts of Palace you can share with another Palace user - This includes, your owners, properties, and tenants as well as any entries under the dashboard tabs including your emails and SMS. You can have it set so that you can only see your own and no one else will see or you can share everything. There are two sections explained below.

Option 1

If you want to see your own owner's properties and tenants as well as reminders but want the option to occasionally see others, then option 1 is for you. Under each user in your database ensure that your name is set to NO against each user's permissions tab and under your authorities tab. Ensure you have Company Portfolio turned to Yes.

  • Go to Users > Current Users
  • Select the User's Name
  • Click on Authorities


This feature lets you toggle visibility on and off using the eye icon at the top of the screen. Unlocking the eye icon will reveal all owners, properties, and tenants in each list. It also enables the 'ALL' option in the 'user drop-down' menu under each dashboard tab. This allows you to see all entries from all users in the database while defaulting to your entries on the dashboard, with the option to view others as needed.

NOTE: The ALL option is only visible when you unlock the eye at the top of your Palace screen:



Option 2

If you share a portfolio with other users or perhaps need to have quick and easy access to other users' owners, properties, tenants and dashboard entries then Option 2 is ideal for you.

Under each relevant user in your database, you want to access their individual permissions tab and set the toggle next to your name to YES.

  • Go to Users > Current Users
  • Select the User's Name
  • Click on Permissions


By default, your lists will display all owners, properties, tenants, and dashboard entries that belong to users who have shared permissions with you.

  • Once you have finished, click Save & close

Under the dashboard tabs, you will see user names available for selection along with the 'User Permissions' option. Users who share permissions with you will appear in your user drop-down menu in the dashboard. The 'User Permissions' option conveniently displays all these users on one page, instead of requiring you to select them individually.


What's Next

Learn more about user authorities that will allow them to access specific areas, delete diary entries, etc.

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