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This area controls which parts of Palace you can share with another Palace user - This includes, your owners, properties, tenants as well as any entries under the dashboard tabs including your emails and SMS. You can have it set so that you can only see your own and no one else will see or you can share everything. There are two sections explained below.


Option 1

If you just want to see your own Owners properties and Tenants as well as reminders but want the option to see others from time to time, then option 1 is for you. Under each user in your database ensure that your name is set to NO against each individual user Permissions tab and under your Authorities page make sure you have Company Portfolio turned to Yes.


This allows you to switch on and off as you want using the (human) eye icon at the top of the screen.
Unlocking the eye icon will reveal ALL owners, properties and tenants when you need to see them under each list, however, this also unlocks the 'ALL' option under the 'user drop-down' under each dashboard tab. Very much like the owners, properties and tenants, this option will display ALL entries from all users within your database, allowing you to see your own entries from the dashboard by default and then the ability to see everyone else's when you need to.
NOTE: The ALL option is only visible when you unlock the eye at the top of your Palace screen:




Option 2

If you share a portfolio with other users, like a Pod or perhaps need to have quick and easy access to other users' owners, properties, tenants and dashboard entries then Option 2 is more ideal for you.

Under each relevant user in your database, you want to access their individual 'Permissions' tab and set the toggle next to your name to YES. 

What this means, is that by default, all owners, properties, tenants and dashboard entries that belong to users that have shared permissions with you, will display on your lists by default.


Discuss with your trainer if you want it explained a bit more


Once you have finished click Save and Close.


Under the dashboard tabs, you will also see their individual names available to select from as well as the option 'User Permissions'. All users that share permissions with you will show in your user drop-down in the dashboard and the 'User Permissions' option simply displays all of them in one page as opposed to you selecting them individually.



Reaching out to our support team:

When creating a support request please ensure you have placed as much information as possible to help the support agent to investigate your query. I.e., full contact details, contact number, company name and items regarding the issue you are experiencing. I.e., tenant/owner/supplier/property name, a copy of a report (if possible).

If you require additional assistance, click here to submit a support request or click on the pink/white Help button from within Palace.

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