Standard - CRM Integration

The 'CRM Integration' documentation contains the majority of the contracts available to allow for a variety of integrations from syncing all 'Agents', 'Owners', 'Properties', 'Tenancies & Sub-Tenants' and 'Suppliers' as well as inserting records for 'Owners', 'Properties', 'Tenancies & Sub-Tenants'.  It also includes the ability to insert diary entries (File attachments and URL's) if required.

The 'CRM Integration' area does NOT require an upgrade from a 'Standard' API account to a 'Premium' API Account.  There is a NO cost involved in using these contracts unless you are a 3rd Party solution provider wanting to integrate at a partner level.

Currently the 'CRM Integration' area consists of...

24 GET contracts and 6 POST contracts

  • CRM Features (Agent, Owner, Property, Tenancy, Supplier)
  • CRM Peripheral Contracts (System Bank, Building Group/Type, Management Group/Type, Expense Code, Suburbs NZ/AUS, Active/Inactive Reasons)
  • Insert Contract (External File)
  • Insert Contract (URL)

Please click on this link SwaggerHub_Logo_Horizontal_Color_Small.png to access the details of the API.



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