Pickmee Digital Tenancy Solution Integration


Pickmee offers an end-to-end digital tenancy solution across the property application, tenant background screening and digital tenancy agreement.

Pickmee streamlines your processes, works perfectly with your existing systems including Palace, and can make your business more efficient and profitable by saving you time and money. Plus we’re offering all Palace customers a free 60-day trial.

The new integration means that Palace customers using Pickmee can:

  • Eliminate manual paperwork and double handing, by using your existing property information in Palace.
  • Access pre-vetted tenant profiles including up-to-date credit scores and tribunal checks. Never pay or wait for an individual background check again.
  • Manage personal information safely and securely - Biometric verification, secure storage of identity information and clear consent process to meet privacy requirements.
  • Save healthy homes information once, and update and reuse it for all future tenancies at that property.
  • Load your existing tenancy agreements into Pickmee, or use their inbuilt templates.
  • Sign digital tenancy agreements that you can trust. Pickmee is the only NZ developed solution that meets the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 for electronic signatures.
  • Save signed tenancy agreements back to Palace.

Find out more at Pickmee or start your 60-day free trial today.

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