29th May, 2020 | New Shortcuts & more


Navigation - Shortcuts: We've made it easier to get from the Owner to the related Property and/or Tenant with new shortcuts. These shortcuts also exist on the Tenant and Property records.



We've also created shortcuts in the diary areas:



Change User Assignment Tool:  We currently have a feature that allows you to move ALL properties that are assigned to one user to another. This works great if you are moving all properties, however, you may run into a scenario where you need to split the portfolio between multiple users.

The User Assignment Tool has been updated to allow you to do this quickly. You will now be displayed with a list of properties and you can manually select the properties you wish to re-assign.

Note, this process changes the Primary Agent assigned to the owner & property as well as the Web Publish & Inspection agent assigned to a property.


Property Images: When uploading images into Palace for advertising, you may have had issues with the rotation of these photos. Photos are now auto-corrected and converted to JPEG format. We've also made life easier to re-arranging your photo order. Whilst you can still rename images, you can now also drag-and-drop them into the correct order. 


Inspections (Australia Changes): Changes to comply with Australian legislation.

When generating a Full Condition Report, you will now find a few additional pages added at the end of the report ready. These pages will only show when generating a Full Condition report and using the Schedule 2 setting for this feature.


User Permissions: You will now only see properties/tenants show on a pop-up list if you have permission to see them. Previously, for those that shared a portfolio but not permissions, you would try to access a property that would show on an owner's property list and land on a blank page. You will now only see the properties that you have permission to see based on your user settings.

Something to keep a note of is the number of properties for an owner may not always match the number of properties you see on your list. For example, an owner has 12 properties, however, you may only have access rights to 5 of those properties.



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