System Reports - Change Log

The Change log records a lot of the various tasks that have been undertaken by users during the day.

Here is a list of the functions that the Change log reports on:

There is one main change log under the system settings, then there are individual change logs against each Owner Property and Tenant. 

System Change Log


  • Select the date range
  • Select the user or leave as all (depends if you are looking for information specific to one user or not
  • Select the entity or leave as all (you can search by just email, transaction, owner etc)
  • If you want to be really specific you can put a word into the Text filter.
  • Then generate

Note: you can search through a report, once on your screen but using Ctrl + F, that will bring up a search box you can use.


Individual change Logs are found under the reports button in the edit screen of an Owner, Property, Tenant and Supplier. 


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