12th June, 2020 | System Keys, New User Authority & more.


User - New Authority: We have added a new authority to the user area that controls the publish entry online setting for a property. By default, this setting will be set to YES for all users so if you need to switch it off, please make a note to do so.

This new setting will allow or prevent users from making changes to the publish entry online toggle (setting to yes or no) which will have an impact on listings being uploaded to your normal advertising sites (excluding Trade Me). For more information on the authorities area, click here

Tenants - Financial Summary: You will now have the option to print the tenancy financial summary pop-up


Tenants - New Column: A very popular request, we have added a new column to the main current tenancies list that will display the tenants 'Invoice Owing' amounts. 


Reports - Changelog: A very quick change for our changelogs. From now on, the from and to dates will be the same for not only the system changelog but also individual entity changelogs. This will work on a calendar month period i.e From 12/05/2020 To 12/06/2020, 13/05/2020 - 13/06/2020 etc.

Dashboard - Navigation: Have you ever found yourself needing to delete or find an invoice/charge that is currently sitting in your dashboard? It hasn't been easy to do this, so we have given you a few additional options to make life that much easier.

Under each tab, you will now have the option to 'navigate' to the diary entry for the pending charge or if it's no longer required, you will also have the ability to delete the diary charge then and there.
(Please note, you must have the authority to delete diary entries for this to work)


Keys - Multiple: 

  • We've made some improvements to our key system - Need a refresher on how to use this feature? Click here
  • Where do we start..... First up on the list, when adding a new key, you will now have the option to tell the system to generate the next available key number.
    Learn more about adding a new key here
  • ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif
  • Property Key Check Out Ledger will now accurately merge the below areas:
  • Under the System Keys (User) area, we have given our tabs a quick rename.
    Checked out = Keys Currently Checked Out
    Checked in = Keys Currently Checked In
  • Under the newly named 'Keys Currently Checked Out' tab, we have replaced the next inspection date column to instead show the 'checked out date' for the key (Inspection Date will remain in the checked-in tab)
  • Another addition to the Keys Currently Checked Out tab, we have a new column to record anything that is noted against the 'other' field for check out.


System - Decimal Values: We identified an issue with the system treating 'commas' as a decimal value. This would cause a bit of a headache for those entering their closing balance in the recon with a comma separating the numbers. You'll be pleased to hear that this has been fixed and will continue to work as expected.

Property - Keep back: You may have noticed an issue with the 'reduced keep back' amount when processing any pending invoices/charges.

The system looked to have added 15% GST on top of the kept back figure, which for the most part was only a display issue. We have identified where the issue was and have applied the required changes to have this feature working as expected.

Owner - Uncleared Funds: For those that have tenants paying rent via Direct Debit or sometimes Cheque, we have a setting that 'holds' these funds for x amount of days in case the funds bounce in the bank. This is a great feature to use so that you can avoid paying funds out to the owner before too early. Unfortunately, we did find an issue with this process where the statement and payment run process calculated the 'uncleared and available funds' differently. This would result in an owner not receiving any funds at all during the payment run.

For those that experienced this issue, you will be pleased to know that we have made the required changes to this process and we're happy to advise that all is working as it should.

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