Standard - Maintenance Integration

The 'Maintenance' integration focuses on allowing 3rd party systems to sync contacts / properties form Palace and generate 'Supplier' and/or 'Tenancy' Invoice transactions within Palace from an external 'Maintenance' solution.  Usually the 'Maintenance' platform will either compliment or replace the Palace 'Work Order' system.  The integration also has peripheral options to sync, insert or update 'Work orders' as well as the ability to Insert Documents or URLs without generating invoice transactions.

The 'Maintenance Integration' area does NOT require an upgrade from a 'Standard' API account to a 'Premium' API Account.  There is a NO cost involved in using these contracts unless you are a 3rd Party solution provider wanting to integrate at a partner level.

Currently the 'Standard - Agreement Integration' area consists of 13 contracts relating to...

  • CRM Features (Agent, Owner, Property, Tenancy, Supplier)
  • Supplier / Tenancy Invoice Transaction Generation (Includes creating linked 'Diary Invoice' record with associated attachment - PDF Format)
  • Work Order Sync, Insert, Update
  • Insert Contract (External File - Exclusive of Invoice Generation)
  • Insert Contract (URL - Exclusive of Invoice Generation)

Please click on this link SwaggerHub_Logo_Horizontal_Color_Small.png to access the details of the API.

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