Standard - Advertising Integration

The 'Advertising' integration focuses on allowing 3rd party systems and customized websites to sync available properties from Palace to display up-to-date advertising on a company's website.

The 'Advertising Integration' area does NOT require an upgrade from a 'Standard' API account to a 'Premium' API Account.  There is a NO cost involved in using these contracts unless you are a 3rd Party solution provider wanting to integrate at a partner level.

Currently the 'Standard - Advertising Integration' area consists of 4 contracts relating to...

  • Retrieving 'Advert' details (text)
  • Displaying 'Advert Images' (Full Images in base64 encoding)
  • Displaying 'Advert Images' (Image URL Links - Standard / Encrypted)
  • Previously Advertised 'Property' details (Can be used to display 'Leased' or 'Withdrawn' information)

Please click on this link SwaggerHub_Logo_Horizontal_Color_Small.png to access the details of the API.

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