Add a hyperlink to an email


Learn how to easily insert clickable hyperlinks into your email messages using plain text, while keeping the full URL hidden. Enhance your emails with this handy feature.

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Add a hyperlink to an email

If you’re sending an email it’s easy to add a hyperlink even when there isn’t a button to do so. The below example is writing an email to a tenant.

  • Go to Tenancy > Current tenancies
  • Search for the tenant
  • Click on the tenant's name
  • Click on Email

  • After typing your email, highlight the text you would like to have as a hyperlink
  • Press and hold CTRL+K and the Insert Link pop-up window will appear
  • Under the To what URL should this link go? add your link whether this is an email or external web address
  • Click Insert Link
  • The highlighted text will change to a hyperlink. Click the link to confirm it is working correctly

This is great for those email templates for your owner statements, remittance advice and invoices.

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