12th May, 2020 | Trade Me Updates & New Client Portal Settings

Trade Me (400 Error): We've identified a few issues with Trade Me in the recent weeks which we believe we have identified and fixed in this release. Since building the extended features, we found some communication problems with Palace & Trade Me when it came to expired listings along with other minor issues, which essentially caused the '400 errors'. This will be fixed for all new listings, however, you may experience the 400 error for anything uploaded prior to this release.

Trade Me (Clear Trade Me Code):  As mentioned in the above note, you can expect to have the odd property spit out the 400 error here and there. This generally comes down to a communication issue between Palace and Trade Me, where a listing may have expired prior to this release or some manual changes have been made on the TM side. A very quick fix for this is to clear the TM code from Palace, which will allow you to re-upload your property or simply remove it from Palace.


Trade Me (Support For Embedded Videos): Another for our Trade Me users, you are now able to add a video link to your listing. Simply paste your URL into the virtual tour section of the publish area and upload/update to Trade Me to have your video show.

User - Layout update: We've made a minor change to the user list for your permissions screen. This format will hopefully be a bit easier on the eyes and easier to identify the user aligned with the toggle.


Owner - Remittance (Double Up): We identified an issue with the remittances that would duplicate when processing owner and/or supplier payments. This is in both the initial payment run but also in the regeneration of remittances via Transactions > History. We are confident that we have fixed this issue so that it will not occur again. 

Tenant - Duplicate Bank Accounts: We've fixed an issue where the system would allow a user to add the same bank account multiple times against a tenant. This would not be visible to users, but the ability to click save multiple times saves the account number multiple times on the back end of the system which in turn created issues for any Direct Debits. Moving forward, the 'Save & Close' buttons for the bank account setup will disable upon the initial click.

Tenant - Refund Tenancy Invoice (Online file creation): After a bit of investigation, we found that some users would have trouble creating or re-creating an online file for any tenant refunds (for invoices). We've made some changes on our end for this function, which means you should no longer have any issues with the online file creation.

Tenant - Payment Details: When adding a rent change, whether it be an increase or decrease it is important that the expected rent amount is updated against your tenant record. For the bank import, manual transactions as well as the direct debit function. We found a problem with this where the records would not change and thus making life a little difficult especially for reporting and the bank import/direct debit feature.

The good news is, we have fixed the issue and the expected rent amount will now update as you expect it to, once your tenant's paid to date aligns with any upcoming rent changes

Custom Views - Error: Ever find yourself coming across the below error when viewing a Custom View? Good news! We have found what triggers this error and have applied a fix to it so that you won't come across it as often. There can definitely be other factors with the custom view setup that may cause this issue, which our team of experts can help you out with, but for the most part, you shouldn't see this warning as much.


Login Screen - Google SSO: A quick task to clean up the view of the sign-in buttons. Hover over the Google sign and you'll see the option to sign in with Google if you wish to use the Google SSO feature, or simply click on the normal 'sign in' button to log in to Palace like normal.



Client Portal - New settings: For your client portal, you will now see two new settings that control whether your invoice documents and external files are set to go up to the client portal by default. These settings control the 'include in portal' toggle that you will see under the diary entries

NOTE: This includes anything manually loaded into a property diary only and excludes any invoice documents that are added via the document workflow (this add-on is coming soon)






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