21st April, 2020 | Report Updates, Invoice Supplier Attachment changes & more


Reports - Audit Trans (Payments): We identified an issue where the transaction type 'refund tenancy invoice' was not displayed on this report. You will be pleased to know that this will now show when the report as expected upon being generated. 

Transaction - Invoice supplier (Diary Attachments):  Accidentally entered an invoice that was later reversed, but forgot to delete the invoice entry from the diary? We know, it's an extra step that can easily be forgotten and can cause a bit of confusion if the invoice makes its way with the EOM statements. Not to worry though, we've got you covered!

From now on, if you reverse an 'invoice-supplier' transaction that is linked to a diary entry (Invoice attachment), the diary entry will automatically be deleted once the transaction is successfully reversed.

Transactions - Document Workflow: A bit of a background update for us that will ultimately benefit you as the users. We've updated our system to ignore 'spaces' when matching invoices to a property and supplier, this will increase the chances of the invoice auto-matching when being processed by our workflow process.

Transactions - Invoice Tenancy: We've fixed an issue with the tenant invoices that are received via email to help your tenants clearly identify where and who the email has come from. These emails should continue to look like the below example:


Transactions - Payment Expense (Expense Types): When using this transaction type, you will now find that the 'expense type' will default to 'Please Select' (previously defaulting to the first type in the list). This will avoid any incorrect expense types from being selected - Along with this, we have also fixed an issue to ensure any comments linked to the expense type also shows in the transaction when selected. 

Reports - Email Log: A quick and easy update to our email log that allows all users to get access to this report and check the status of any failed emails. Adding an extra step to this, when loading the email log page, you will note that the 'user' filter will automatically change to the 'logged in' user, hopefully saving you one less click.

Reports - Tenant Details: We found a setting on our end with the tenant's 'Paid to Last Month' that caused a bit of confusion, depending on whether you used the settings: midday to midday or midnight to midnight. We've updated the details on our end so that this date will remain consistent after each EOM close-off, irrespective of the rent period setting that you have in your system.

Reports - Tenant Aged Analysis: For those that use this report, you will be pleased to hear that this will now show the expected data when using the ALL Grouped filter.

Reports - EOY (Commercial GST): We recently identified an issue with the value of the collected GST for any commercial properties, where the GST figure displayed was for the collected GST for the month and not the actual 'Year'. If you have any commercial properties, we recommend that you review your statements and possibly re-generate them for your owners (if required).

Trade Me - Indicator: To help keep track of our recently released Trade Me feature, you will now see that not only will the Trade Me indicator show, Yes or No, but it will also tell you what type of listing you set the listing as. Need a recap of how to advertise to Trade Me using these extended features? Click here


Trade Me - Character Limit: For advertising, we allow you to use up to 8000 characters. However, Trade Me only accepts 2000 characters, which means, if you exceed this character count, you will see the below pop-up warning. NOTE: This only applies to Trade Me, all other sites will continue to pick up the rest of the advert text i.e Custom Sites, Real Estate etc.




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