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The Owner Portal is a secure website where owners can log in and access specific information about their property. Any updates in your Palace database automatically show up in real time. You can view monthly statements, year-end statements, transactions, invoices, and any external documents you've uploaded. All this info stays on the Portal for 2 years.

Setting up the custom website

Owners log in to the website directly by clicking here or via your company website with their email address and password which has been generated in Palace. The information and the website are completely secure.

NOTE: The above link is a generic one that displays the Palace logo. If you want a unique code that displays your company logo, please contact our support team to obtain your unique link

There are a few things you need to set up first:

  • Contact your IT and get the shortcut link set up on your website for the Owners to log in. (There is a coded link that Palace can send to your IT person). This option picks up your branding for the Information centre
  • Set up your company Logo
  • Activate your Owners. This will automatically send them an email to follow a link to log in and set a password

If you have Owners who are in the system multiple times but use the same email address, you need to follow the instructions on generating multiple Owners as you set them up.

Note: The email it uses for the Owner Log-in, is the one in the Owner Edit screen under Email 1, there must be only one email in that area otherwise it will not work.

Before you use the owner information portal, you need to:

  • Set your theme - change as required (you have 5 colour themes to choose from)
  • Write your introduction - this will show on each owner log in but you can change it as often as you like
  • Upload an office logo (we may need to assist you with resizing it in the correct dimensions (1080 X 80 pixels). You can drag and drop it in.

  • Click on System > Client portal > Settings (top right-hand side)
  • Fill in the required areas


  • If you would like the supplier invoices, inspection reports and external files (from the Property Diary only) then tick the box at the bottom
  • Then when you are finished, click Save.

Activating Owners

When you activate an owner in the client portal, they receive an email with a link to set their own password. They can reset the password themselves on the website. If multiple owners have the same email address, they'll all be activated at once. You can't activate just one of them if they share an email.

  • Click on System > Client Portal

  • Tick the owners for activation

  • Click Activate

  • The activation email will auto-send to the selected Owners


Run the owner portal for multiple owners with the same email address

Under the client portal, if you activate an owner with a particular email address and other (separate) owners have the exact same email address, they will also be activated at the same time (e.g. in the above image will all be activated at the same time)


If an extra owner with the same email address is added at a later stage, you will have to deactivate all the owner accounts involved and re-activate them together to pick up the new owner's link. The owner will get one email reset for all of their accounts. Once they reset the password and log in they will now have the option to - "select an account" at the top left of the screen. This will give them a drop-down menu of all their management with you:

The account selection only appears for multiple-owner accounts - single-owner accounts will not see this option. The name selection in the drop-down menu will be the same as it is on your Palace Current Owners Screen, so if you have an owner loaded four times with precisely the same name, it will be hard for your owner to tell the difference between accounts on the drop-down menu. To differentiate between them, you could perhaps add a number to the end of each: in this case, i.e., owner trust 1, owner trust 2, etc.

The video below is a brief example of what the end user (owner) sees when information has been added to the Client Portal.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If your owner/client cannot sign into the portal, request them to reset their password at the login screen


  • Enter the email address and wait for the password reset link to appear inside the Inbox


Follow the prompts and when the password has been updated access to the portal will be available.

If there are still issues:

  • Disable the record for this owner under System > Client portal
  • Change the owner's email address in their Palace record to yours (Property Manager)
  • Activate their record under the client portal and follow the log-in link. This will help you to see if the Owner is following the correct procedure
  • If you suspect there could be a problem with the URL/link You can contact the Palace support team who will locate the current URL/link and send it to you

What's Next

If the Client portal has not yet been set up please see the following article in this regard:

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