2nd April, 2020 - Performance Updates

As we head into another EOM, you will be pleased to know that we have made some performance changes to ensure that everything runs smoothly and all users have a better experience using Palace.

Some of these changes include:

Bulk Mail Merge - Clear Cache: Just like your browsing history, we keep your bulk merge data for a set time and clear the cache every so often. We do this automatically at the moment but not frequent enough, especially with the recent Covid-19 merges (clearing every 7 days). We are now going to clear this after 24hrs which will help with the service handling hug merges in the near future.

Performance Changes -  In recent EOM's we've had issues with the page loading and subsequently a lot of clients receiving the 503 error when trying to use Palace. To avoid further issues with our upcoming EOM, we have made some major changes on our end will help with the overall performance. From here you should be able to notice a difference with performance and expect an overall smoother experience when using Palace.
(Visually, for the eagle-eyed people, you may see a difference in the URL. Some will be on app.getpalace.com and others will be on app1.getpalace.com)

Statements (Collation change) - We've also made changes so that the statement collation generates smoothly without any issues on both our end and the user end

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