How to do a Rent Reduction

Sometimes, in times of need, you may have a reason for a tenant to have a rent reduction either permanently or for a set time. 

Follow the instructions below

  • Find the required tenant and go to the Edit Page
  • Scroll down the bottom and find the Rent Change area
  • Go to the Rent Changes box and click on Add (do not delete any rent changes that are already there)
  • Select the date that the rent change (reduction) will take place on
  • Enter in the new reduced amount
  • Click on Save.
  • If only for a set period of time, then click on Add again and add the date for when it will go back to full amount and add the amount
  • If you don't know when it will go back to normal, then just leave as is.
    NOTE: if you put the date as a date that is passed, you will need to do a repost. This is on the drop down next to Edit, click on modify rent repost. This is so that is corrects the dates on the report



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