Partial Rent Rebate for Tenants -

To offer the tenants a rent rebate and record it in Palace, please follow these instructions


Payment Expense - (This transaction will take the money from the Owner/Property)

Note: The first time you do this, click on (Add New) under the Expense type and add in a new expense called "Rent Rebate" and save it. You only have to do this once. then it will be there to pick up for the other ones.

Fill in the information as needed

Remember to zero down the management fees

Click on Confirm

Staying in transactions

Now click on Receipt Rent

Select the tenant 

Receipt in the rebate, put the words Rent Rebate in the Receipt No area so it shows clearly on your tenancy details report

Click on Confirm

Now you can process both transactions


Remember to go to reconciliation and present both of them down.





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