19th March, 2020 - EOY Statements, Edit existing smoke alarms & More!

Reports - EOY Statements: A long-awaited adjustment to our EOY statement, we have introduced a new column for tenant reimbursements (water payments etc.) and have separated these transactions from the intro funds column.


It's a report that is only generated once a year, so click here to get a  refresher on how to run the statements and click here to get a head to start on understanding how to read the statement.

Reports - Changelog: We have made some changes to the date & time stamp entries displayed on our changelogs. These will now display the accurate date & time and all relevant entries will show as expected based on the date filter.

Transactions - Overpaid Rent: We identified an issue with the overpaid rent feature, where part payments against a tenancy would be moved to the Overpaid Ledger once a vacate date was entered, despite the tenancy 'not' being paid in advance.

We have successfully fixed this bug and all future cases will behave as expected.

Property - Smoke Alarms: Need to rename or adjust the expiry date on an existing smoke alarm? We've just made it easier for you, as you now have the ability to simply 'edit' a smoke alarm and update the details as you need.


Transactions - Document Workflow/Maintenance Fee: When matching or approving your invoices via the workflow area, you will now have the ability to adjust the maintenance fee or percentage - The same way you would if you were to manually enter an 'invoice - supplier' transaction. This allows you to control the maintenance fees against all your workflow invoices as you process them when and where needed.


Transactions - Document Workflow/Diary Entry: We've also noticed that invoices processed via the workflow have thrown a bit of confusion with the diary entry date & time stamps. Invoices that would be entered on a Friday, would show in the diary with a Saturday date (using UTC time). We have updated this so you can expect the date & time stamp on these diary entries to now be accurate with the actual processing date/time.

Mail Merge - Pop-up warning: Some of you may not be aware, but once you select over 1500 entries to send a bulk mail-merge out to, towards the end of the merge process Palace will advise that you cannot proceed as 1500 is the limit. This warning no longer applies as there is no 'limit' with the number of selections you make.

NOTE: Whilst there is no limit with the number of entities you select, please be aware that we currently process each email run in batches of 100 at a time. This means that we allow X amount of entities to be emailed out at once, however, it will take some time as it makes it through our queues.

System - Letterhead: We have a team ready to re-size or adjust your logos when and where you need, however, for those that have a logo ready to upload to Palace we will now auto re-size this logo so that it does not cause any issues with your reporting and fits nicely into your owner statements and other Palace generated reports.

Navigation - Transactions Shortcut: A small change, but one that we hope will help navigation. We have added a new $ shortcut to the blue banner at the top of the screen which will take you straight to the 'Transactions' area.


Merge Fields - Supplier: In light of the recent health & safety concerns, we have added in our Supplier merge fields so that you can create & edit supplier document templates.


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