10th March, 2020 - Trade Me Extended Features

If you’re familiar with Trade Me Property, you will know all about the ability to boost your ads to gain more views and of course, get that listing in front of everyone. Whether that is selling an item or in our case, boosting your rental properties to get them rented as soon as possible.

For years, Trade Me users have had the ability to do this within Trade Me and now, we are excited to announce that you can do this via Palace - all in a couple of easy steps. (To be released on 11-03-2020)

If you upload your property listings to Trade Me Property via Palace on a day to day basis, you will already know that these are uploaded as ‘Base Listings’. This is the default listing type and will show up on Trade Me based on the search criteria that is used and has no expiry date.

Now, you have the option to upload your listings as ‘Feature or Super Listings, as well as a Premium Listing’. Each listing type has its advantages to reach its core audience but may also come with some additional pricing.

Read the technical notes on the Trade Me Property listing upgrades

NOTE: This is only available to our New Zealand users.

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