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Learn how to connect your Palace database with Trade Me for property listings.

This article covers:

Setup the Trade Me integration

While you have the option to advertise on various websites, our Trade Me API provides additional features to enhance your property listing.

  • Go to System > Settings > Integrations
  • Click on Setup authorization, the button to the right of Trademe
  • On the pop-up, click Yes
  • Enter your Trade Me account’s Email and Password to log in
  • Click Log in
  • Click Allow to give permission for Palace to access Trade Me
  • If prompted, type in the Verifier Code (or copy and paste) into the box on the right
  • Click Continue
  • The transfer will now be processed

Note: If you don't currently have a Trade Me account for advertising, Trade Me requires you to manually upload 5 listings before you can start using advertising features in Palace.

Setup authorization.png

Once the setup is complete, there is no need to repeat it. Simply click on the More button in a property, and you'll find the option to seamlessly upload it to Trade Me. This action will automatically initiate the upload process.

Advertise a property

Now that you are set up to advertise to Trade Me you will now see a few new options under your property screen.

  • Go to Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property > click the address
  • Click the More button
  • The Upload to 'Trade Me' option is now available
  • Once your property is ready to be advertised, click this option and the property will upload automatically

Advertise a property.png

Update a property’s listing

If changes are made to the property in Palace, you can update the listing via the property screen.

Note: When you upload from Palace to Trade Me, it is important that you make all changes in Palace and remove the listing from Palace. This keeps the connection between the two platforms active.

  • Go to Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property > click the address
  • Make changes to the property
  • Click the More button
  • Click Update ‘Trade Me’ Listing
  • The property will update automatically on Trade Me

Update a property's listing.png

Remove a property’s listing

If you need to remove a listing from Trade Me, this can be done via the property screen.

  • Go to Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property > click the address
  • Click the More button
  • Click Remove from ‘Trade Me’
  • The property will be removed automatically from Trade Me

Remove from Trade Me.png

Clear the Trade Me code

If you're trying to advertise a property on Trade Me and can't find the Upload to Trade Me button in the More button options, you might need to clear the Trade Me Code.

  • Go to Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property > click the address
  • Click the Publish tab
  • Click the More button
  • Click Clear the ‘Trade Me’ Code

Clear Trade Me Code.png

Note: If you manually removed a property from Trade Me or made changes to it directly on Trade Me, you can use the clear Trade Me code option in Palace. This will remove the property from Palace's backend and allow you to upload it again from Palace. It's a handy way to ensure everything syncs up correctly.

Listing types

There are two authority types when advertising to Trade Me through Palace.

  • Base listing
    • If selected, the base listing refers to the essential information and features included in a property listing, such as the property description, price, location, and basic details
  • Extended features
    • If selected, the extended features refer to additional options or enhancements that you can include in your listing, like extra photos, highlighting, or featured placement
    • Note: Trade Me places a charge on this option

Access to these options is configured under each user’s authorities tab.

  • Go to Users > Current users
  • Find the user whose authorities you want to edit
  • Click the user’s full name
  • Click Authorities

Trade Me listing options.png

Note: This area is permission-based. If you cannot access the templates, ask your manager or administrator to assist you.

Extended feature options

When uploading to Trade Me, you have a few options on what type of listing you are after. The options available are:

  • Base Listing (Default)
    • This is the standard listing option that includes basic property information and features
  • Feature Listing
    • This is a permanent upgrade from the Base Listing. Once it is selected, the listing cannot be demoted to a Base Listing but can be upgraded to a super or premium feature
  • Super Feature
    • This lasts for 7 days and requires that the listing has at least 3 photos. Once the Super Feature expires, it is demoted and remains as a feature Listing unless the super feature or premium is re-purchased
  • Premium Listing
    • This has a variable duration of 1, 2, or 3 weeks. The duration is selected by an additional dropdown when the premium option is selected. Premium listings become feature listings after the Premium expires

Extended Features (1).PNG

Note: Each of these options comes with different pricing, which can vary based on your Trade Me account. It's important to check with Trade Me directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information before selecting an option. They'll be able to provide you with all the details you need.

Boost your listing

The boost option can be added to any listing type except Base listings. You can only add a boost to a listing that has been uploaded to Trade Me at least 24 hours prior. If you want to add a boost to your listing, upload it first and then come back the next day to update it with a boost, which lasts for 24 hours.


Additional notes

  • A boost cannot be removed during the time it is active
  • No features are refundable through Palace, and if the user refunds or reverses these features, Palace may prevent the user from updating the listing. This is due to Trade Me's API restrictions
  • If a support request is received regarding a reversed/refunded extended feature, this will need to be manually changed in Palace
  • All changes to these features are logged in the changelog
  • Once a premium or super listing is uploaded, it cannot be changed until the feature expires, although it may be eligible for Boost

What's next

Watch the advertising webinar and then you can learn more about setting up the Publish area of the property for advertising. You may want to learn more about how to upload images for a property for advertising.

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