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Setting Up

Whilst you can advertise to a number of different websites, our API with Trade Me offers a few additional options to help boost your property listing.

Important Note: If you do not have an account with Trade Me, they do require 5 listing to be manually uploaded before being able to do anything in palace with Advertising

The first time you upload to Trade Me, there is an area to enter in your Username (Email) and Password. Once you have done the setup, you will then have a new option to upload/remove your property to or from Trade Me, which will happen automatically.

  1. Go to System – Settings – Click on Integrations
  2. Click on Trade Me – Set Up Authorisation
  3. Click 'yes' to the pop-up
  4. You will now be taken to a Trade Me login screen
  5. Enter in your Email and Password
  6. Click Login
  7. Click ‘Allow’ to give permission for Palace to access Trade Me
  8. If prompted: type in the ‘Verifier Code’ (or copy and paste) into the box on the right and click 'Continue'.
  9. The transfer will now process.

The setup is now complete and you do not need to do this again. Each time you select 'more' on a property, you will see the option to upload to Trade Me and it will automatically upload to Trade Me.



Now that you are set up to advertise to Trade Me you will now see a few new options under your property screen.


Click on ‘More’ within the edit screen of your property and at first, you will only see the option to
‘Upload to Trade Me’. Once your property is ready to be advertised, select this option and the property will begin to upload to TM automatically.

If you have an existing listing on Trade Me, when clicking on ‘More’ you will see the below options:


If you need to make a change to the Property, make the changes and then click 'more' > and update your listing. Again, it will automatically update that change and lastly, if you need to remove from Trade Me, select ‘remove from Trade Me’ it will remove it from Trade Me.

NOTE: If you upload from Palace to Trade Me, it is important that you make all updates from Palace and remove the listing from Palace. This keeps the connection between the two platforms active.

If you are set to advertise a property and get into the Publish Tab and unable to find the Upload to Trade Me button under the More dropdown you may need to Clear the Trade Me Code. 

You use this option if a property was manually removed from Trade Me/changes made to a property manually on Trade me. Only use this when you want to 'Upload a property on Trade Me' but you do not see the option to Upload to Trade Me. This will remove the property from Palace back end as well and property then should be able to upload from Palace.


Listing Types This area is controlled by the Authorities area

There are two authority types

Trade Me - base listing - If you select this one, then you will only get the option of the base listing

Trade Me - Extended Features - If you select this one, then the user will have the option to select Extended Features - Please note that Trade me put a charge on this.

You can control access to this in the user area under Authorities


When uploading to Trade Me, you will have a few options on what type of listing you are after. The options you have are:


  • Base Listing (Default): A base listing if your starting point in reaching your audience. It may be less visible due to it appearing later in searches and with smaller images
  • Feature Listing: This is a permanent upgrade from the Base Listing. Once it is selected, the listing may not be demoted to a Base Listing, although it can be updated to a Super or Premium feature. Note that is the listing is removed from Trade Me, the Feature type will also be removed.
  • Super Feature: This lasts for 7 days and requires that the listing has at least 3 photos (Trade Me has an existing limit of 20 photos). Once the Super Feature expires, it is demoted to a Feature Listing which will remain for the lifetime of the campaign unless the Super Feature or Premium is re-purchased.
  • Premium Listing - Recommended: This has a variable duration of 1, 2, or 3 weeks. The duration is selected by an additional dropdown when the Premium type is selected. Premium listings become feature listings after the Premium expires (as with the Super Feature).

Each of these options has different pricing options that depend on the user's Trade Me Account, and as such the pricing of these listing types is left off from the definition, so it is important that you check with Trade Me before selecting an option.

There is a contact email which has been added to the description which you can use to contact Trade Me about any questions you may have.

NOTE: Any enquiries regarding pricing cannot be determined on our side and must be referred to Trade Me.

There is also an additional add on, Boost. Boost may be added "on-top-of" any listing type except Base listings, provided that the listing has been uploaded to Trade Me at least 24hrs prior. This means that a listing cannot be uploaded with Boost, but the user will have to come back the next day and update the listing with Boost. Boost lasts for 24hrs.


  • Boost cannot be selected on Base listings or listings that have been on Trade Me for less than 24 hours.
  • Trade Me must be set up in the System integration area for these features to work
  • Base and Feature are non-expiring and listings will remain in these states until changed
  • Boost cannot be removed during the 24hrs that the boost is active
  • No features are refundable through Palace, and if the user refunds or reverses these features, Palace may prevent the user from updating the listing. This is due to Trade Me's API restrictions. In the event that a support request comes through regarding a reversed/refunded Extended Feature, this will need to be manually changed in Palace.
  • All changes to these features are logged in the changelog.
  • Once a Premium or Super Listing is uploaded, it cannot be changed until the Feature Expires, although it may be eligible for Boost.

Update 15.03.2023

Advertising: Soft safe Trade Me error: In some cases where a User was adding new agents against a property and uploading the property to Trade Me in one step, this would result in the property being saved with 2 primary 1 agents. We have now fixed this so the agent change will now need to be validated before uploading to Trade Me.


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