Google Single Sign-on


You can now add an extra layer of security to your Palace login if you use Gmail. It enhances your security and privacy by reducing the risk of password breaches, phishing, and identity theft.

Enabling Google SSO

When logging into Palace you will see the "Sign in with Google" button as an option. This will allow you to log in using your Google account as opposed to using your normal Palace credentials.
When clicking this button, the system will check if the current Browser window (Chrome) is logged in with a Google account. Since Chrome logs in with Google, it will automatically detect the User and attempt to log them in with that Email address. One of two things will happen now:
  • The system will find an email address that matches (ie. already exists in Palace) and will ask you if you want to link it. To link the accounts, you need to know the Palace password. Once linked, you can no longer log in with the normal Palace email and password but instead, log in using your Google credentials.


  • The system will not find any email matching provide an invalid account response and will redirect you back to the main login page.
If the user is NOT logged into Chrome and the Single sign-on button is clicked Google's redirect will take over and the user will follow their sign-in process. This process is the same as you see with the likes of Facebook and other SSO (Single Sign-On) enabled sites using Google. Once the user has entered their Google account and password it will redirect back to Palace.
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